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Be one of the first to share your story, long or short, about why you love the HSL. Maybe you’ve had an interaction with a librarian that helped you with a paper or research.  Maybe you want to share your favorite place to study (or sleep) in the library. Perhaps you and your classmates used our study rooms to collaborate  on a successful project. Or maybe you used our conference rooms for an important meeting or class. Whatever it is, we want to hear from you – faculty, students, staff, alumni, and anyone else who uses HSL’s resources or services.  So go on…spread the love! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Be one of the first to Share!

  1. I love the peace of the HSL. I am constantly refreshed bythe ethic of calm, peace, in the whole HSL and sunlight spilling in the windows of friends cafe when I visit. It is a respite to my day and spirit, my mind as I read deliciously good material, and I am always rejuvenated as I nourish myself all around at the HSL. Happy Valentines!

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