“I love the HSL”

Nursing student Courtney W. likes to study at the Health Sciences Library, so much so that she wrote a glowing online review of HSL in Yelp. In an exchange of emails, she wrote: “I love the HSL and am in there pretty much daily. It’s such a great place for students of the health sciences!”

Here is her review:

The Health Science Library is a great place for those hard-working students in the medical schools. Centrally located between the nursing, medical, public health, dentistry, pharmacy and physical therapy schools, as well as just near the hospitals, the library is always full of students, doctors, and professors.

The first floor has open computers and a printing lab station, as well as a not-entirely quiet study area (which is sometimes perfect, a little background noise can be helpful) and the Friends Cafe. The other floors are filled with books, study rooms, journals, and archives – the whole place seems really clean and well-organized. The study rooms are equipped with nice whiteboards and large projection screens that you can hook your laptop to. And for those students who need silence in studying, there’s an entire floor that’s been declared as the quiet zone study floor.

The absolute best part about this library is that, in contrast to other campus libraries, you’re allowed to bring in appropriate food and drink – i.e. coffee and water and bottled drinks, and snacks that don’t smell up the room, like tuna.

Thanks Courtney!!

HSL staff member Lisa Philpotts discovered Courtney’s review on Yelp.