HSL Speech and Hearing Exhibit a Big Hit

The Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences’ 40th Anniversary celebration was a great success, with a nice turnout from classes dating back to the 70’s. In addition to tours of their new headquarters in Bondurant Hall, attendees came over to HSL to see the exhibit.

DSHS Faculty member Patsy Pierce views the HSL exhibit with international visitors


DSHS Faculty, Alumni, and Students Thrilled with Exhibit

“This is a wonderful addition to our 40th anniversary events and one that will live on after the exhibition through the virtual exhibit,” said Dr. Jack Roush, Director of the DSHS. “We’re very proud of the display and the detail with which it addresses our areas of research and practice. The HSL staff has been wonderful partners in this endeavor and continues to be a tremendous resource for our department and this campus.”

DSHS PhD student Hillary Harper said  “the Division display looks AMAZING! I truly think it is the best one I have seen to date! … part of what makes the display so wonderful is that it reflects the breadth and diversity of interests represented by the faculty and students in the Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences.”

DSHS faculty member Patsy Pierce wrote, “this is terrific! What a gift to the Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences! … this is so full of energy and life. Your team [is] amazing!!!”

Former DSHS students shared memories with HSL Allied Health Sciences Liaison Barbara Rochen Renner, who initiated the exhibits (one physical, and one online) and worked on a number of aspects of them.

International Visitors See the Exhibit

(From a DSHS press release):  “Visitors from Tajikistan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, and Latvia enjoyed the exhibit on March 9 as part of an effort to learn more about serving preschool children with disabilities. The international visitors are directors of each of their nations Open Society Institute foundations and Step-by-Step programs, which help families prepare their children for school and is similar to the United State’s Head Start program.”

In addition to the physical exhibit at the main entrance of the Health Sciences Library, there is an online exhibit at: https://hsl.lib.unc.edu/speechandhearing

[Thanks to HSL Allied Health Sciences Liaision Barbara Renner, who drafted this story and contributed source material for it.]