Helping with “Behavioral Health Services for the Military and Their Families”

Christie Silbjajoris, Director of HSL’s NC Health Info, served on the NC Institute of Medicine (NCIOM) Task Force on “Behavioral Health Services for the Military and Their Families” established by the North General Assembly.  Christie was also asked to write a resource guide for the NC Journal of Medicine for their upcoming article on this topic.  The length of the Guide had to be reduced for the journal so the NCIOM decided to publish the Guide in its entirety as an appendix to their final report to the General Assembly.   Scott O’Brien, the editor of the journal issue, had this to say about the resource guide:

Hi, Christie. I’m very impressed by the breadth of the list you’ve compiled. I’ve been discussing this issue with my father, who served in the Marine Corps infantry in Vietnam. He’s pleased about the wealth of services currently available to military personnel and their families and proud of the efforts you and others have invested in promoting and providing these resources.”