HSL “vital to our missions and a big part of our success”

Professor Jack Roush, Speech and Hearing Sciences Division Director, answered some questions about the impact of HSL on his Division. Many thanks to Dr. Roush for allowing us to share some of his responses.

Q: Do you hear that the library makes a difference to your preceptors?  to your recruitment of faculty or students?

Many of our preceptors and adjunct faculty take advantage of the library privileges they receive in return for the clinical teaching they provide for our students; this helps us recruit and retain important preceptors for  our programs in audiology and speech-language pathology. Likewise our core faculty are frequent HSL library users who appreciate the outstanding staff support provided by Barbara Renner, Bob Ladd, and others.

Q: How do we make a difference when you are writing grant proposals or carrying out your grant work/research?

Our research and training grants always include a section on library resources; indeed, the outstanding resources of the HSL have enhanced our grant proposals.  When grants are funded the library is an even more important resource.

Q: How do we help you in your scholarly output, including publications, presentations, and so forth

In particular, our poster presentations have been vastly improved thanks to the assistance of the media labs. Bob Ladd, Barb Renner, and other HSL staff members have been invaluable resources.

Q: How do we make a difference to your clinical work or that of your students?

Students in all three of our degree programs have nothing but praise for the HSL and its staff.  We always emphasize the importance of evidenced-based practice and the HSL has the resources needed to assist them in their grand rounds presentations and other assignments related.

Q: How do we make a difference to you in your teaching?  to the students in their development, their work?

We could not have developed SPHS 950, Research Resources and Technologies, without the assistance of Barb Renner, Bob Ladd, and others from the HSL.  In addition to providing excellent content they have been remarkably accommodating as we have modified the course over the years in  both content and delivery.

Q: Do you hear anything from alumni (particularly those of you who have had recent alumni events)?

The lobby display developed for our 40th anniversary was wonderful; in fact it was one of the highlights of our year-long celebration. We are most grateful to the HSL for making this possible.

Q: How did the exhibits make a difference?

Alumni and friends were very proud, not only of the historical information and current work highlighted, but with seeing the display in such a public and prestigious location.

Q: Any external evidence [of HSL’s impact]  (e.g., from accreditation reports, program reviews, etc.)

Reviewers for both our CAA and ACAE site visit teams noted how impressed they were with our HSL and our tremendous staff support. They said we were fortunate to have these resources available to us and we wholeheartedly agree.

Q: anything else you can think of?

We consider the HSL, and more importantly, the people who work there, vital to our missions and an important part of our success. Thank you!