HSL librarians help physician shape worldwide treatment recommendations

[excerpted from News From the Fifth]
Pressed for time in preparing for a very important expert meeting of Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders – MSF), Dr. Benny Joyner  turned to HSL librarian Mellanye Lackey, who, along with Sara Suiter, SILS graduate research assistant, helped him gather and present evidence-based information he needed to help shape worldwide recommendations the organization would make on the fluid management of children.

Said Dr. Joyner, “having the body of evidence to support what I practice clinically allowed me to make a recommendation based not only in experience, but also a solid evidence base. And I would not have been standing on such a solid base during the meeting without Mellanye, Sara, and the HSL.”

For the full story, see the September 2012 issue of HSL’s News From the Fifth newsletter.