Dr. Cristy Page: “I’m just grateful for the relationship”

“I’m just grateful for the relationship and what we’re able to do for those 40,000 listeners and the numerous people who access our blog now … making a difference.”

“There’s been a lot of creativity … through working together, and that has been tremendous, and has made our product together, most certainly.”

Dr. Cristy Page, Residency Director in Family Medicine, talking about the collaboration between HSL and YOUR HEALTH Radio. Dr. Page co-hosts the program.   Listen to our six-part interview with Dr. Page below.

Cristy Page Part 1: Introduction 
Cristy Page Part 2: Collaboration 

Cristy Page Part 3: What I learned about librarians
Cristy Page Part 4: More ways we can partner
Cristy Page Part 5: More about our collaboration
Cristy Page Part 6: “Making a difference”