Early Wintervention races through HSL scavenger hunt!

This journey began at Friends Cafe, on the first floor near the entrance to the library. “What a lovely and quaint spot,” they all thought. Frantically, they scavenged throughout the library to find the answers, as quickly as they could. They were determined to win. The hunt included several trips up and down the elevator, up again, down again, accidentally back up again, and finally, they arrived at the stairs. With their quick wits, they approached user services, where they were greeted by an extremely knowledgeable library connoisseur. With her guidance, Early Wintervention was able to complete all tasks in a timely fashion. With selfies in hand, they began the long trek back to Friends Cafe, to finally eat lunch…but, wait! They still had to find they outdoor book return. With sweat droplets on their faces, they wiped their brows and forged on, their backpacks growing heavy, they approached the book return at the buildings’ rear. Satisfied with their conquest, it was time for lunch, this time not as strangers, but as comrads. El Fin.

– Valeriya, student, Speech and Hearing Sciences