Dr. Cristy Page: “I’m just grateful for the relationship”

“I’m just grateful for the relationship and what we’re able to do for those 40,000 listeners and the numerous people who access our blog now … making a difference.”

“There’s been a lot of creativity … through working together, and that has been tremendous, and has made our product together, most certainly.”

Dr. Cristy Page, Residency Director in Family Medicine, talking about the collaboration between HSL and YOUR HEALTH Radio. Dr. Page co-hosts the program.   Listen to our six-part interview with Dr. Page below.

Cristy Page Part 1: Introduction 
Cristy Page Part 2: Collaboration 

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We Love the Presidential Endorsement of Our Library!

During President Obama’s visit to UNC Chapel Hill, we loved hearing what we felt was a Presidential endorsement of the importance of libraries.  As you can hear towards the end of this Youtube clip (around the 1:20 mark), the President mentions that he’s proud of all the Tar Heel students for their hard work as they study for their degrees and “for the long hours in the library, I hope!”

Thank you Mr. President!

“That’s way above what anybody has to do”

John Miller

“That’s way above what anybody has to do… I certainly appreciate it,” says John Miller, graduate student in Rehabilitation Counseling and Psychology and Allied Health Sciences student representative on the HSL Library Advisory Committee.

John is referring to the help he got from an HSL librarian at 1:30 a.m.

John uses the ADA-accessible computer on the first floor of HSL. To learn more about how John has been helped by the Health Sciences Library, listen to the following interview. Continue reading

“Libraries are such a critical part of the training of physicians”

Zell McGee, MD

Dr. Zell McGee, Adjunct Professor of Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases, enthusiatically endorses the work of HSL.  He talks about his experiences with HSL in the following three-part audio interview.




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The importance of HSL and its critical role in the training of physicians

Patrons Rave about Liaison Librarians

These pictures and brief audio excerpts are from interviews with patrons who worked with HSL liaisons Barrie Hayes and Kate McGraw. Interviews were conducted by Fran Allegri in February. (To see larger versions of the images, click on the thumbnails.)

Janet Li, Biostatician

Rebecca, Dentistry Faculty

Tom, Molecular Biology Staff

Audio interview excerpts:

Janet Li talks about how “Liasons come to us”

Janet describes how “she showed me step by step how to get the data sets”

Tom talks about working with HSL liaison Barrie Hayes

Rebecca talks about the value of the HSL liaison program