Dr. Sheldon Peck: HSL “a world-class, full-service scholarly health sciences library”

Dr.  Peck spoke at HSL on the “The Modern Value of Early Writing in Medicine and Dentistry” on November 13, 2012. The presentation was co-sponsored by the UNC Health Sciences Library and the Bullitt History of Medicine Club.

The following is an excerpt from his talk. For the entire presentation see this playlist on the HSL YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/hslunc).

Photographs from the event are at on the HSL Flickr site (http://www.flickr.com/photos/hslunc/)

Drs. Leena and Sheldon Peck recently donated a preeminent collection of dentistry books to the Health Sciences Library. For information on the collection, visit https://hsl.lib.unc.edu/specialcollections/peckcollection.

…the HSL is an example of just how spoiled we are

As an undergrad student, I never ventured to this side of campus. However, as a current dental student, I have found the HSL to be my primary location for studying! I love the fact that many of the group study rooms are equipped with large screens and boards. I also love the comfortable couches in the open area- many good dreams have come from them! Overall, I am grateful for the HSL; the great staff, the resourceful rooms and the studying space! I think  that we as students are spoiled at UNC, and the HSL is an example of just how spoiled we are.

Linda W.,  Student, UNC School of Dentistry (UNC-CH Class of 2007)

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Patrons Rave about Liaison Librarians

These pictures and brief audio excerpts are from interviews with patrons who worked with HSL liaisons Barrie Hayes and Kate McGraw. Interviews were conducted by Fran Allegri in February. (To see larger versions of the images, click on the thumbnails.)

Janet Li, Biostatician

Rebecca, Dentistry Faculty

Tom, Molecular Biology Staff

Audio interview excerpts:

Janet Li talks about how “Liasons come to us”

Janet describes how “she showed me step by step how to get the data sets”

Tom talks about working with HSL liaison Barrie Hayes

Rebecca talks about the value of the HSL liaison program