Why buy the guide? HSL resources can help with exam prep.

Lara Handler, liaison librarian to the School of Medicine, shares reactions to the HSL’s exam prep resources.

“I gave a talk to the third year medical students and showed them our Exam Prep LibGuide and they went nuts. They didn’t know we had all the resources we do- ExamMaster, FirstAid- and they were so happy. They are thrilled when they can save money by not buying study guides themselves. I’m contacting the second year course directors so I can let the students know about these resources even earlier next year.”



Thank you, Barbara Renner!

I would like to thank Barbara Renner for showing me Browzine to view library articles.  This is a useful tool  for students in the School of Medicine, faculty and staff to use.  I will gladly encourage others to download this application to assist them in their research.

– Teresa Richards, Staff, School of Medicine

Quick Comment: “HSL is an awesome place… staff are amazing”

HSL is an awesome place with a great atmosphere. I’m an older non-traditional medical student in my first year, and HSL is indispensable to me for study between lectures during the day, so I can go home to pick up my 6 month-old from daycare and have the evening relatively work-free. The staff are amazing and helpful, and I enjoy the atmosphere of seeing my classmates working here or getting a coffee from Friend’s Cafe. Thank you HSL for being a great resource for me and all my classmates.

– Jake, medical student

Dr. Cristy Page: “I’m just grateful for the relationship”

“I’m just grateful for the relationship and what we’re able to do for those 40,000 listeners and the numerous people who access our blog now … making a difference.”

“There’s been a lot of creativity … through working together, and that has been tremendous, and has made our product together, most certainly.”

Dr. Cristy Page, Residency Director in Family Medicine, talking about the collaboration between HSL and YOUR HEALTH Radio. Dr. Page co-hosts the program.   Listen to our six-part interview with Dr. Page below.

Cristy Page Part 1: Introduction 
Cristy Page Part 2: Collaboration 

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Barrie Hayes’ presentation at Lineberger a big success

“Barrie’s [Hayes, HSL librarian] presentation at Lineberger was very helpful today. I know there will be follow up to help make the process more understandable and smoother for everyone. This guide [NIH Public Access Policy and You https://guides.lib.unc.edu/nih-public-access-policy] is a great resource, particularly with the focus on retroactive compliance. Regards,…”

–Attendee at NIH Public Access Policy Compliance Workshop

Money helps!

Fran [Head of User Services, HSL], The library has paid my publication fee [Open Access Author’s Fund]. I wouldn’t be able to reach people if you didn’t put me in contact with them. Again, thank you very much for helping me with my personal development in many aspects.


Meltem Ballan, PhD
Early Brain Development
EEG Studies, Department of Psychiatry
School of Medicine, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Moving Forward Together: Two Game-Changing Collaborations

This video was selected for the 2012 Medical Library Association Conference’s Leadership and Management Section program, “Smells Like Team Spirit: Partnerships to Move Your Library Forward,” in Seattle, Washington, (May 21, 2012).

For this blog we split it into two parts, one part on the YOUR HEALTH Radio blog and one part on the HSL Global Health Initiative.

YOUR HEALTH® Radio: We interviewed Dr. Adam Goldstein, faculty member of UNC Family Medicine and co-host of YOUR HEALTH Radio.

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“HSL is one of the pillars…”

The HSL is one of the pillars that supported me throughout my academic career (I am now a Professor Emeritus). Whether it was finding a publication, doing searches for me or teaching me how to do literature searches on my own, the staff was wonderfully supportive and helpful. For a busy academic, this benefit is priceless! HSL also provided a quiet corner to which I could escape to work on papers without interruption, as well as a place to link up with friends and students. What more could I ask for!

– Noelle A. Granger,  School of Medicine Professor Emerita

“Thanks for all you are doing”

I just used the online Ask A Librarian to chat. The librarian helped me step by step to export references from Refworks to email to a student who is working on a research project with me. In just a few minutes, we had the entire database downloaded and ready to email. I use the library services frequently, and I am always extremely impressed with the prompt, professional, courteous expertise of all involved. Thanks for all that you are doing!

– Faculty member, School of Medicine