“We love the HSL because of the writing resources!”

We love the HSL because of all the writing resources! None of us are great writers and are very nervous about researching and citing for our first papers. The HSL has great resources about citing, including resources about plagiarism, proper citations, and using F1000 to keep track of sources. It has been a life saver!

–  DPT class of 2021 scavenger hunt students

HSL “a wonderful place!”

HSL is a wonderful place! It is full of useful resources for class, and the people who work there have been kind and helpful, which is a plus. As First-Year Physical Therapy students, we will definitely be utilizing this place (as well as the Friends Cafe 🙂 ) as much as we can!

– Rangers of Motion scavenger hunt group (DPT)

HALA group completes HSL Scavenger Hunt!

We love that the HSL is a well-connected and easily accessible for all students in Health Sciences. Anything we could ever need to do our best work is available and if we ever have questions or need assistance, it’s just an ‘Ask Us’ away! Thanks for all you do for students and faculty!

– HALA Scavenger Hunt group (DPT program)

Fantastic Fourm finishes HSL scavenger hunt!

The coffee is amazing! Nice librarians, easy navigation through both the hsl website and the library itself.

– Fantastic Fourm HSL scavenger hunt group (DPT)

The Hippies complete HSL Scavenger Hunt!

We love that the HSL is right beside our classes. It will be convenient during breaks or when we need to print somehting quickly. It is nice that some of our textbooks are accessbile as E-books through the HSL. The guidelines on the HSL website will be useful to consult, especially the writing and citation ones. We will also utilize the poster templates if we have any future presentations. We noticed there is a guideline for Scholarships. It will be convenient to have a list to refer to when it is time to apply. We will probably use the group study rooms frequently, and we will also study in the Friends’ Cafe. We will definitely take advantage of the close supply of caffeine!!

– “The Hippies” Scavenger Hunt group (DPT)

“Nothing But Netter (Atlas)” group finishes HSL Scavenger Hunt!

We are new students to the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at UNC-Chapel Hill and love how accessible and helpful the HSL is regarding research with databases of academic catalogs and journals. Research and evidence based practice are critical components to being successful physical therapists. This research would be infinitely more difficult without the resources given to us by UNC’s HSL!

– “Nothing But Netter (Atlas)” PT Scavenger Hunt group