Physician Assistant Students Value HSL Resources!

“I love the organization of the Health Sciences Library website.  I have easily been able to access our program textbooks as well as other online resources [Physician Assistant resources guide created by the HSL Liaison to the Allied Health Sciences, Barbara Renner].  I also enjoy studying in the HSL on my breaks.  It is quiet and comfortable… Thank you both for being so committed to getting us quality resources!”

– Physician Assistant student


“We love that we can access a vast array of resources through the HSL”

We appreciate the HSL’s well-designed, detailed and easy-to-navigate website. The ability to have books delivered to the library is great and we love that we can access a vast array of resources through the HSL. The high-tech study rooms are also a great feature and we look forward to using them throughout our time at UNC.

– “The HeartThrobs”  Scavenger Hunt team (Physician Assistant program)

Team Ramses Completes Scavenger Hunt!!

Congratulations! Good work!

“Big thanks to Barb Renner”!

As part of the new PA program at UNC, getting introduced to the HSL has been helpful. Our small group was able to complete our task list for a scavenger hunt with relative ease due to the efficient organization of the HSL and all of the resources available and highlighted on the HSL website. Big thanks to Barb Renner for the quick inservice! Looking forward to learning more over the next 2 years!

Team Ramses, PA Scavenger Hunt

Team Fab Five Completes Scavenger Hunt!

Way to go, Fab Five! This is music to our ears!!

“HSL is amazing!”

The HSL at UNC is amazing! There are so many resources right at your fingertips. Not only is the website easy to navigate and you can find almost anything you are looking for, but the ask a librarian feature is one of a kind. This library is def a cut above the rest and is the most student friendly and helpful library I have ever been to. So thanks for being awesome! I am sure my class and I will be using it daily for the next two years. Thanks again!

– PA Scavenger Hunt Team Fab Five