Moving Forward Together: Two Game-Changing Collaborations

This video was selected for the 2012 Medical Library Association Conference’s Leadership and Management Section program, “Smells Like Team Spirit: Partnerships to Move Your Library Forward,” in Seattle, Washington, (May 21, 2012).

For this blog we split it into two parts, one part on the YOUR HEALTH Radio blog and one part on the HSL Global Health Initiative.

YOUR HEALTH® Radio: We interviewed Dr. Adam Goldstein, faculty member of UNC Family Medicine and co-host of YOUR HEALTH Radio.

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Health Affairs leaders praise HSL’s Global Health Initiative

Watch several Health Affairs faculty and a graduate student talk about the important role played by HSL in UNC’s global health efforts.

This video is a condensed version of what was originally a four-part video.  The four-part version is available on HSL’s YouTube channel at

Helping with “Behavioral Health Services for the Military and Their Families”

Christie Silbjajoris, Director of HSL’s NC Health Info, served on the NC Institute of Medicine (NCIOM) Task Force on “Behavioral Health Services for the Military and Their Families” established by the North General Assembly.  Christie was also asked to write a resource guide for the NC Journal of Medicine for their upcoming article on this topic.  The length of the Guide had to be reduced for the journal so the NCIOM decided to publish the Guide in its entirety as an appendix to their final report to the General Assembly.   Scott O’Brien, the editor of the journal issue, had this to say about the resource guide:

Hi, Christie. I’m very impressed by the breadth of the list you’ve compiled. I’ve been discussing this issue with my father, who served in the Marine Corps infantry in Vietnam. He’s pleased about the wealth of services currently available to military personnel and their families and proud of the efforts you and others have invested in promoting and providing these resources.”


Joined at the center by our world-class Health Sciences Library

Dr. Myron Cohen, Director of the Institute for Global Health and Infectious Diseases and a member of the library’s Board of Visitors, gave a nice shout out to the HSL and the five UNC-CH health sciences schools in his most recent blog entry:

“I know I have said it before, but one of the things that is special about this campus is that we have schools in all five health disciplines: medicine, public health, dentistry, nursing and pharmacy. More importantly, they are all on the same campus, within walking distance, and joined at the center by our world-class Health Sciences Library.”

Read the entire blog entry to find out about the Institute’s efforts to bridge the divide between the health sciences side of campus and the rest of our university by, among other things, the introduction of a new global health discussion series, Heels in the Field.

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