Dr. Sheldon Peck: HSL “a world-class, full-service scholarly health sciences library”

Dr.  Peck spoke at HSL on the “The Modern Value of Early Writing in Medicine and Dentistry” on November 13, 2012. The presentation was co-sponsored by the UNC Health Sciences Library and the Bullitt History of Medicine Club.

The following is an excerpt from his talk. For the entire presentation see this playlist on the HSL YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/hslunc).

Photographs from the event are at on the HSL Flickr site (http://www.flickr.com/photos/hslunc/)

Drs. Leena and Sheldon Peck recently donated a preeminent collection of dentistry books to the Health Sciences Library. For information on the collection, visit https://hsl.lib.unc.edu/specialcollections/peckcollection.

I Love My HSL: An Appreciative Inquiry video!

This video was presented last month (April, 2012) at the World Appreciative Inquiry Conference in Ghent, Belgium.  It wouldn’t have happened without you, our HSL patrons and friends!

The “I Love My HSL” project was selected as an Innovation in Appreciative Inquiry around the Globe.  The video is published as part of the Special April 2012 (Volume 14, Number 5) video issue, “Innovation2 & Appreciative Inquiry: Positive Images, Positive Action,” of AI Practitioner International Journal of Appreciative Inquiry launched at the AI World Conference in April, 2012.

Moving Forward Together: Two Game-Changing Collaborations

This video was selected for the 2012 Medical Library Association Conference’s Leadership and Management Section program, “Smells Like Team Spirit: Partnerships to Move Your Library Forward,” in Seattle, Washington, (May 21, 2012).

For this blog we split it into two parts, one part on the YOUR HEALTH Radio blog and one part on the HSL Global Health Initiative.

YOUR HEALTH® Radio: We interviewed Dr. Adam Goldstein, faculty member of UNC Family Medicine and co-host of YOUR HEALTH Radio.


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We Love the Presidential Endorsement of Our Library!

During President Obama’s visit to UNC Chapel Hill, we loved hearing what we felt was a Presidential endorsement of the importance of libraries.  As you can hear towards the end of this Youtube clip (around the 1:20 mark), the President mentions that he’s proud of all the Tar Heel students for their hard work as they study for their degrees and “for the long hours in the library, I hope!”

Thank you Mr. President!

Dr. Ned Brooks interview

Dr. Ned Brooks has a unique perspective on the Health Sciences Library, having worked with HSL as a UNC administrator, as a School of Public Health faculty member, and as a member (and chair)  of the HSL Board of Visitors.

Part 1: Dr. Brooks talks about his experiences with HSL as a UNC administrator.

Part 2: Dr. Brooks talks about his experiences with HSL as a faculty member:

Part 3: Dr. Brooks talks about serving on the HSL Board of Visitors:

Dr. Brooks talks about his career at UNC:

Dr. Cara McComish: from doctoral student to new faculty member

In this series of videos, Dr. Cara McComish discusses how HSL has helped her succeed from her beginnings as a UNC doctoral student in 2003 to her many current roles as a UNC faculty member.

In this video, Dr. McComish introduces herself and talks about how she came to UNC.

In this video, Dr. Cara McComish talks about her experiences with HSL as a doctoral student.

In this video, Dr. McComish describes her experiences with HSL as a new faculty member.

Dr. Cara McComish talks about resources and services available from the Health Sciences Library.

In this video Dr. Cara McComish talks about using the Health Sciences Library as place to work and meet with others.

When UNC Allied Health Sciences Assistant Professor Cara McComish advises new doctoral students, she sends them straight to the Health Sciences Library.


Health Affairs leaders praise HSL’s Global Health Initiative

Watch several Health Affairs faculty and a graduate student talk about the important role played by HSL in UNC’s global health efforts.

This video is a condensed version of what was originally a four-part video.  The four-part version is available on HSL’s YouTube channel at  http://www.youtube.com/user/hslunc.