“You are incredible! That’s perfect.”

I received this reaction to providing help via online chat to a person looking for numbers of physicians in specialties for several states, as well as total numbers of physicians. Thanks to Kate McGraw, a fellow librarian, we had the perfect source of this information — which turned out to be a print book on first floor!

“You are incredible! That’s perfect. I had spent hours doing internet searches without luck. Thank you so much!”

This compliment made my day!

Fran Allegri, Librarian, UNC Health Sciences Library

1 thought on ““You are incredible! That’s perfect.”

  1. This proves that 1. HSL librarians are always available to help, 2. if they ask, people might be surprised by the information the HSL can give them access to, and 3. the HSL can turn a search that takes hours into one that take minutes!

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