“Superpowers possessed by librarians”!

The HSL is quickly teaching me the superpowers possessed by librarians. As a TA for a class, I was asked to make sure all the links in the professor’s syllabus from last year were still active. They weren’t, and one that seemed critical lead to a fee-based site. I thought maybe the library would be willing to subscribe, as it was autism-linked and seemed widely applicable. Barbara Renner is my contact person and encouraged me to send her details so that she could make it happen. Dee Stuckey was the expert Barbara teamed up with. Dee looked into the fee-based site much more deeply, watching 8+ minutes of a video I’d neglected and found a FREE link to the info I wanted. Then she wrote with careful detail so that I could go straight to the link. I passed it on to the professor and the students in the class. We were all thrilled to have access to the information and grateful to Dee and Barbara for their investigative work. They saved us time and money! Thank you HSL librarians!