“Thankful for this place!”

“We love HSL because of the amazing resources the library offers. The staff is very helpful and the library provides a great place to study and collaborate. This place will be our go-to for research during our time in the program. Thankful for this place!

– Scavenger Hunt Group KOSHU, CRMH Class of 2020


HSL’s “amazing and friendly librarians”

We love our HSL because of the accessibility and the wonderful resources we are able to utilize. The website is easy to navigate and full of incredible sources and tools that we will be able to use with ease throughout our program thanks to the help of the amazing and friendly librarians (shout out to Barbara Renner for being so helpful). We are so grateful to be able to access endless knowledge and pursue our passion for learning and studying in such a great environment.

Scavenger hunt team BAM, Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling

Avengers finish HSL Scavenger Hunt!

We love the Health Sciences Library because it has everything that we need in order to be successful in graduate school! The resources available to us are incredible. We are excited to have the HSL and its friendly staff with us throughout our experience here at UNC.

– The Avengers scavenger hunt group (CRMH)

journals on shelf

“I Love this library…!”

I love this library for the people on staff! I appreciate the kind and efficient assistance delivered to me my first time in the door by Kaylin and Annie! Thank you very much for your assistance.

– “Something Awesome” Scavenger hunt team (Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling)


Interlibrary loan “another thing that makes the HSL so great!”

While completing the scavenger hunt, one of the things we learned more about was the Interlibrary Loan option. We thought this was a really fantastic resource and just another thing that makes the HSL so great!

-Team Narwhal, Rehabilitation Counseling and Psychology

I Love Remote Access and Staff Assistance!

I appreciate the remote access to the HSL’s catalog and the willingness of the staff to provide assistance! Thanks 🙂

– Rehabilitation Counseling & Psychology Student