tOTally OSome finishes HSL Scavenger Hunt!

OT students LOVE the HSL because of its abundant resources, knowledgeable and helpful staff, and cozy atmosphere. The “Ask Us” feature is one of the most intuitive and useful aspects of the HSL that sets it apart from other libraries on campus. There’s nothing better than knowing that the library has your back when you are in full-on panic mode trying to find an obscure article. At the end of the day, whether you need to study or just take a break in the relaxation room on the 4th floor, HSL is a safe haven for students. Much Love,

– tOTally OSome scavenger hunt group  (OCCT)


OT Super Sleuths finish HSL Scavenger Hunt!

Everyone in the HSL library was so friendly and helpful! As future Occupational Therapists, finding relevant and up to date resources from both a medical and social perspective is very important to us. After attending an HSL orientation session and completing the scavenger hunt, we know that the Health Sciences Library has everything that we’ll need during our time here at UNC!

– OT Super Sleuths scavenger hunt group

Crazy Cats Finish HSL Scavenger Hunt!

Coming from a program without a Speech Language Pathology Program, having SLP resources let alone a whole library of health science research is both shocking and very exciting for me. I’m so excited to start looking through the guides and journal articles available and tailored for speech pathology students. My group members in crazy cats are equally as excited!

– Crazy Cats scavenger hunt group (SLP)

Health Hunters complete HSL Scavenger Hunt!

A few of us have different stories. First off, we would like to thank the librarians for being extremely helpful each time we were in need. We are all excited to have group study rooms with white boards, which will make it easier to collaborate. We are also excited about the yoga room and to learn from each other’s various meditative practices.

– Health Hunters scavenger hunt group (SLP)

HALA group completes HSL Scavenger Hunt!

We love that the HSL is a well-connected and easily accessible for all students in Health Sciences. Anything we could ever need to do our best work is available and if we ever have questions or need assistance, it’s just an ‘Ask Us’ away! Thanks for all you do for students and faculty!

– HALA Scavenger Hunt group (DPT program)

Funtastic Four Finish HSL Scavenger Hunt!

We LOVE HSL! The resources available to students are very helpful. Our group loved the fact that HSL allows you to rent out many supplies involving your computer such as chargers, markers, bongles, and other useful materials. This gives some reassurance when a busy schedule might make one forgetful. Thanks HSL!

– Funtastic Four Scavenger Hunt group (SPHS/SLP)

Funtastic Four (SPHS)

Funtastic Four (SPHS)

Funtastic Four (SPHS)

Funtastic Four (SPHS)

Fantastic Fourm finishes HSL scavenger hunt!

The coffee is amazing! Nice librarians, easy navigation through both the hsl website and the library itself.

– Fantastic Fourm HSL scavenger hunt group (DPT)

AuD Women Out finishes HSL Scavenger Hunt!

The compact shelving had a whole section for ear and hearing! We love ears!

– The AuD Women Out Scavenger Hunt group (AuD)