“Thank you for your help with my quest…”

Dear Ms. McGraw,

Thank you for your help with my quest for information regarding how I can establish contact with the HSL databases (especially Science Direct and Academic Search Premier).

Members of your excellent staff, especially D…?*,  a very pleasant, “can-do”-type person, put me in touch with a lady named Theresa in the OIS office who re-activated my onyen and helped me get a password that functions well (I can remember it, and it works).  Continue reading

Health Affairs leaders praise HSL’s Global Health Initiative

Watch several Health Affairs faculty and a graduate student talk about the important role played by HSL in UNC’s global health efforts.

This video is a condensed version of what was originally a four-part video.  The four-part version is available on HSL’s YouTube channel at  http://www.youtube.com/user/hslunc.

The HSL is my comfort zone

The HSL is my comfort zone. Whether it’s setting up for a long day of studying, meeting classmates, printing off assignments 30 seconds before class, or curling up in a chair with coffee, the HSL is where I want to be. Thanks to all the staff for making it such a great environment!

Student, UNC School of Medicine

I thought one of the librarians was so great that I married her!

I love the HSL. It is a very convenient place to get books – whether on the shelves, from main campus or from Interlibrary Loan. Also, it can be a very nice place to study or quickly check my email. The staff is also very friendly and always seem willing to help. I thought one of the librarians was so great that I married her!

Brian Moynihan, Staff, UNC School of Medicine

I want to tell you that Rachel was an immense help to me today

This wonderful note was sent to a staff member’s supervisor and we were given permission to post it here:

“I want to tell you that Rachel (Lerner) was an immense help to me today. On short notice, she responded to my “Ask a Librarian” request for help with learning the basics of RefWorks. During our one hour meeting, she taught me all the basics that I needed to get up and running with RefWorks, and was most professional and pleasant and obviously very knowledgeable about the Ref Works system. Please share my message with her, and thanks for the great job that the library does on a daily basis!”

Faculty, UNC School of Medicine

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