Dr. Ned Brooks interview

Dr. Ned Brooks has a unique perspective on the Health Sciences Library, having worked with HSL as a UNC administrator, as a School of Public Health faculty member, and as a member (and chair)  of the HSL Board of Visitors.

Part 1: Dr. Brooks talks about his experiences with HSL as a UNC administrator.

Part 2: Dr. Brooks talks about his experiences with HSL as a faculty member:

Part 3: Dr. Brooks talks about serving on the HSL Board of Visitors:

Dr. Brooks talks about his career at UNC:

“The librarians are a huge resource for us”

I was able to get technical assistance from a librarian with just one day’s notice. She was incredibly nice and helpful, and even helped me get access to an article that I had given up on via the inter-library loan system. The librarians are a huge resource for us who are learning to navigate the correct way to proceed with research.

Kathy Parry, Student, School of Public Health

HSL “Terrifically Welcoming and Supportive”

From Dr. John Paul, Faculty, School of Public Health:

Six years ago I joined the faculty of Health Policy and Management. I was assigned teaching space for my first UNC class in the Health Sciences Library, due to much of the School of Public Health being closed for renovation. The space I was assigned, the HSL Conference Room, turned out to be perfect for my class in leadership and management. Although there are now class rooms available in the SPH, I will always seek to hold my leadership and management seminars in HSL 527. HSL staff and administration have been terrifically welcoming and supportive. Continue reading

“I really do love our HSL!”

I was stuck with some research and asked Mellanye to help…she was AMAZING and had given me suggestions and articles within minutes. It was really a lifesaver and SUCH a huge relief to know that we have people like Mellanye that we can turn to for our research needs. I really do love our HSL!

Student, Public Health

Mellanye Lackey an “Amazing Reference Librarian”

I would like to commend Ms. Mellanye Lackey, the amazing Reference Librarian in the HSL. I am a distance learning doctoral student and was having problems using Refworks. So I made an appointment with Ms. Lackey and flew to Chapel Hill to meet with her. Ms. Lackey accomodated my schedule and met with me, patiently explained everything I needed to know to be a proficient user of this program. She also gave me great ideas for search strategies and answered about 1,000 of my questions.

Continue reading

Health Affairs leaders praise HSL’s Global Health Initiative

Watch several Health Affairs faculty and a graduate student talk about the important role played by HSL in UNC’s global health efforts.

This video is a condensed version of what was originally a four-part video.  The four-part version is available on HSL’s YouTube channel at  http://www.youtube.com/user/hslunc.

Librarians at the HSL have helped me find relevant literature when I felt at a dead-end

Librarians at the HSL have helped me find relevant literature when I felt at a dead-end, and they showed me how to better navigate my dissertation references using RefWorks. Their assistance has been prompt and their instructions very clear. They asked questions and listened to make sure they were truly understanding my needs. These qualities are key for me as an ESL student but also as an older student who does not always feel comfortable with technology. I would like to especially recognize Mellanye Lackey and Lisa Philpotts as well as the staff at the front desk. Thank you! Gracias!

Student, UNC School of Public Health

I would like to say that “I LOVE THE HSL chat option!!”

I would like to say that I LOVE THE HSL chat option!! Last night, I spent several hours trying to find an article but was unsuccessful. This morning, I contacted the HSL librarian, Lisa, through HSLchat via Yahoo messenger to rescue me! She attempted to assist me with my search and consequently had to forward my request to the e-resource librarian and I should expect a response shortly. I really appreciated the assistance Lisa gave me today!! It is such a relief to know this service is available to help us out! The IM service is the BEST!!!!

M. Amamoo, Student, UNC School of Public Health

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